God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.  God saw all that he had made, and it was very good Genesis 1:26-27, 31.

Everyday there is a new experience when focusing on the unseen God.  In my last article I talked about
Words and the spirit behind them, Today I want to talk about God's creation,

man.  Just like words, behind every man there is a spirit and the battle is for our minds.  Satan's objective is to control our thinking; Ephesians 6:12 NASB.  

The adversary wants us to believe that the enemy is man (male and female), a powerful deception.  He deceives us into thinking that the war is against flesh and blood.  He uses what is visible, designed to keep our focus on what is seen, rather than on what is not seen, what we should be focused on. 

Men are in constant competition with each other, either to defeat someone in battle, win in sports, fighting for promotions etc...  Take the presidential debate for example, the fight for the highest office in the land.  As I watched them argue their points, I didn't focus on their demeanor, but concentrated more on their words.  When the debate was over I was a bit confused when I heard talk about how Romney had dominated the event.  The democrats were perplexed because of the President's demeanor and lack of aggression.  They got caught up in Romney's aggressive behavior, how sad and punitive.

What we failed to listen to was their explanations and the spirit in which they were presented.  If we had instant replay to fact check we would be able to hear the falsehoods.  A debate should be based on facts not on who can be the most arrogant and aggressive.  Facts can be proven, aggressive behavior is a distraction.  Once your caught up into the distraction, falsehoods can be used to deceive and avoid the truth. 

I was reading an article in the Huffington Post that stated:  "On Wednesday night, some saw Mitt Romney sounding polished, "4:15 AM press release conceded." But when the dust settles, Romney's dozen flat-out falsehoods will be the only thing remaining from his debate performance -- because avoiding the truth has been the very definition of Romney's candidacy, and he can't escape that with a single smooth appearance.  Romney's policy explanations, particularly about how he was going to pay for $5 trillion in tax cuts, were vague, misleading and riddled with falsehoods. But he delivered them with conviction."

What spirit is present here?  No candidate is perfect and this is not an indictment on Mitt Romney the man, the indictment is on the spirit that he has allowed to control him.

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I began blogging about three years ago and with time it became a passion. Before I started this journey, I worked as a counselor and eventually moved up to managing director of one of the largest behavioral healthcare programs in New York City. What was most rewarding for me was counseling; helping people get to the core of their problems. Studying God’s word and incorporating His Will into my group sessions contributed to their success.
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