Black America, Move Forward Unafraid?

Black America, Move Forward Unafraid? 

Fear is something that is not real, but our mind makes it real; we allow fear to exist.  Fear is related to behaviors of escape and avoidance.  Fear almost always relates to future events, such as the worsening of a situation, or continuation of a situation that is undesirable.  Fear can also be an instant reaction to something presently happening.  Fear comes from not knowing your past which creates uncertainty about the future.  In all, fear paralyzes and we are our own worst enemy.  We spend far too much time allowing outside forces to create anxiety and self-doubt within; which causes us to become stuck, victimized and powerless.

Fear is also reinforced through our religious beliefs as we are taught to fear God instead of understanding what God is; we always fear what we don't understand.  Knowledge of God's unseen creation is to know God.  The unseen realm is nothing to fear, but we must respect and use its power.  We were not born fearful beings, fear is taught and fear is learned behavior.  What we think has a powerful influence on what happens to us.  Our mind directs our thoughts toward a desired outcome; so what we focus on is what we attract, the law of attraction.

We should be aware of this law at all times. Laws of creation never change and are eternally consistent. The law of attraction is the attractive magnetic power of the universe that draws similar energies together (the human body is an energy source). It manifests through the power of creation everywhere and in multiple ways. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. OUR THOUGHTS act like the magnetic power of the universe; we attract what we think about the most. When we look at things from a positive and decisive point of view we attract complementary or parallel things. From the negative, we attract those things we would rather not have come our way, such as our fears. To think fatalistically or fearfully we draw what we don't need or want. What we greatly fear will come to us, and what we are afraid of will happen.

From the beginning, fear was the primary weapon used against us, to prevent us from ever becoming UNITED again. As mentioned above, our thoughts work like the magnetic power of the universe attracting related energies together. The more our collective thoughts and actions are directed toward a common goal, the more powerful our attractive force. Together, our energies are very powerful. Men who oppressed us understood this magnetic connection we had with creation. This is why separation was necessary as we were scattered over the earth. Eventually, we developed the same mindset as our oppressors alienating ourselves from one another, hating our image and rejecting our own people.

For centuries we have witnessed the destruction of our culture, as men gradually turned us against each other through physical and mental slavery, promoting fear and reinforcing it through various social institutions.  We watched flesh being torn apart by dogs, our bodies hung from trees, burned, and beaten. We have seen the rape of our mothers and the crucifixion of our fathers.  All this destruction was done to keep us from discovering the power we have in unity as ONE with creation or ONE with God.  If we were united in thought like our ancestors, armed with the power of what God's creation has to offer us, we would be able to accomplish anything we set our minds to without fear, and finally put an end to the public crucifixion of our culture. 

Our connection with the unseen substances of God will allow us to move mountains.  Once we understand that our bodies operate within the same order as the universe/creation, only then will we discover our true power.  In-turn, our knowledge of God's creation will open our eyes to truth which removes fear.  All that belong to creation is ours, the unseen powers of the universe was created for our use.  In the beginning God created and on the seventh day creation stopped or rest, meaning, it was finished. What was created is permanent and will never change with time.  There is nothing else to be done, it was all done in the beginning for our use.  All power and knowledge are gained through thought, the bible calls this thought prayer.  When we use our mind in parallel with creation/universe we literally connect with God.  No mediator is necessary as we are made in the unseen image of the Creator and we use the same energy source.

Who of us by worrying can add a single hour to their life on earth?  Since we cannot do this very little thing, why do we worry about the rest?  We must accept who and what we are, stand together unafraid. Speak truth and refrain from being politically correct.  Our ancestors always spoke truth and they were not afraid of any earthly authority, which is why they were hated by men and crucified.  Our life is more than food and material things. We are the salt of the earth; when we are out of balance so is the planet (salt is symbolic of an element of the earth, known to cleanse an area of harmful or negative energies).

Let us rise above man and use the power birthed in us; start challenging false ideas and move into a new consciousness of what God is.  So we can say with confidence what can man do to me, we are the sons and daughters of GodMan has no power over us, he is not the Creator.  We are destroyed because we don't know our heritage.  We lack the knowledge our ancestors possessed. We've accepted man's religious system which is not the will of creation. When our will lines up with the will of the Creator we become one powerful device. Understanding creation is our heritage, to understand creation is to know God.  When that knowledge ceases, our development is limited as we are reduced to being imitators of men, who are our oppressors.  Changing our thought patterns, changes our outcomes.  Knowledge and understanding of God's unseen creation makes us an instrument to be used.  If we understood this we would have no need to be afraid in America.

A new awakening is upon us, be ready.

Part 1: Hatred of the Black Race, A Systematic Cover-up of Our Identity


We've asked ourselves the following questions many times: Why are we hated?  Is it our skin color, features or maybe it’s our mind?  Why the need to control and dominate us through fear?  Why separate us from our past?  Who are we that you need to go to such extreme to keep us down?  Refugees? Really!  What are you afraid of or better yet, what are you hiding? 
We need answers to these questions to understand why we are hated.  What I will attempt to do in this article is to lay a foundation as to why... and expose the people who are the beneficiaries of a system designed to hate.

Hate is defined as hostility deriving from fear, anger or potential injury.  However, I like to refer to Sigmund Freud's definition, it is insightful and speaks truth;"Hate is an ego state that wishes to destroy the source of it's unhappiness." This explanation is the single most reason why Black people are hated.  

Societies of Men known as the one percent are discontented with our image and seek our destruction.  Why?  Because our image is a constant reminder of what they can't have naturally.  The Willie Lynch letter pales in comparison to the mental atrocities the one percent have executed throughout the world to gain and maintain our birthright; henceforth in this article they will be known as "Men." Why Men? Aren't we all Men?  No!

Our birthright is the controlling force behind Mans hatred of Black people; the day this truth is realized will ultimately bring down their religious system.  Here is a little history about Men; Men never invented or taught anything original; through violence, deception and plagiarism they stole their identities.  In Professor George G.M. James book, "Stolen Legacy," (before Alexander the Great conquered Egypt), "The North Africans were the first to civilize Greece. Under the government of these wise Africans, they subdued the ferocity of an ignorant population by creating civil institutions and taught them about their god's. Whatever knowledge the North Africans knew about things divine, human, the arts, sciences, philosophy... they taught to these newly found societies (Men), with the objective of bringing them under the restraint of virtuous discipline."  The Greeks knew these North African's as gods.

Who were these African god's? I've always been intrigued by the following biblical verses about the Son's of God (plural, more than one), now I understand what the scriptures were saying, hopefully you will to:
1.  "And it came to pass, when "Men" began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the "Son's of God" (North Africans) saw the daughters of Men that they were fair (fair meaning, having light complexion, blond hair...) and they took them wives of all which they chose." Genesis 6:1-2.  What we need to gleam from this verse is that there are only two lineages that exist on earth today, Son's of God and Men.

  • NOTE: The above is the inaccurate or plagiarized version of the story.  The correct history is: "After the conquest of Egypt by Alexander, under the Ptolemies, the Greeks practiced crossbreeding between white Greeks (Men) and black Egyptians (Son's of God, North Africans)." {Endnote 15: J. J. Bachofen, Pages choisies par Adrien Turel, "Du Regne de la mere au patriarcat." Paris: F. Alcan, 1938, p. 89}.  Crossbreeding was used to produce a different human being by mating individuals of different lineage; in this case Son's of God and Men.  It was done with the intention of creating an offspring that share the same traits and to make enhancements.  Men were actually trying to become Son's of God through African blood; diluting the gene pool.  The North Africans were the original creation, the first lineage; Children of God
2.  However, in the following verse Son's (plural) changed: "Out of Egypt have I called my Son" (singular son, the plurality has been removed from Son's to make the one and only Son of God; this is important).  But, Jesus said; "is it not written in your law, I said, ye are god's (plural, more than one)?" Now, if Jesus is the only Son of God begotten of the Father, was Jesus confused?  

Men, designers of the religious system plagiarized the African story by denouncing the plurality and formulated the singular Son of God.  The primary objective of the one Son idea was devised to take the birthright from the African culture.  In the original African story you will find god's plural who were a representation of the One Great God. Through disinformation, truth was mixed in with lies.  The singular Son of God is the deception; if Jesus existed he would be known as our brother or a Son of the One Great God.  Men, Alexander the Great Greek, Roman Emperor Constantine and the Council of NICAEA (over 325 bishops) were all responsible for distorting sacred African knowledge by creating the singular Son concept, using false imagery to make it believable.

After the one Son concept was established, assigning a visual image to him was a necessary tool to transfer the birthright to Men. The image assigned was the image of Man (fair complexion, blond hair...)  In addition to establishing the visual image, we must now pray in the name of the image before our prayers can be heard instead of directly to the Creator like our ancestors, as we visualize Man as God (a subliminal deception). This process created a dependency on Men and their religious systems, virtually omitting the Creator because the image of Man is now the One Great God; a concept forced upon us through the ages, which prevents us from uncovering the truth about our beginnings. Our fixation on Jesus as the only Son of the Creator has taken us further away from who we are.

The story of the singular Son is actually our plural ancestors.  They were Son's of the One Great God through the divine bloodline.  In the beginning the many god's, the North Africans were the unique children of One Great God, the Source of All Life.  Among the many god's, none of them was considered to be the ultimate God.  Each was a free-willed portion or attribute of the Great Oneness which composed the Most High God.  Even in Genesis the plural form is used as the name of God, indicating that the One was composed of many, and the many contained the Universal, Omnipresent One.  

The reason why the truth of our heritage has been omitted from history is key as to why we are hated today.  Our ancestors are the oldest civilized culture known to Men. They can't even date our existence; all knowledge came from the original lineage, black people.  We have been portrayed as aliens from space to savages. Men have secretly plotted to keep us disconnected from our past. Spending billions of dollars on movies, bibles, educational institutions, media... etc. (imagery) hiding our birthright. 

"BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE ROYAL BIRTH, NOT JESUS." Jesus is who they invented to steal the birthright, creating the single son concept. Our blood is the birthright, our blackness is the birthmark, it is sacred, and it is the powerful dark matter (Melanin/Spirit) that connects us to our Creator making up the One.  We are the divine lineage; we are the Son's (plural) or Children of the one true God, mothers and fathers to the earth.
  • Dark Melanin Gives Us Our Color: In Dr. T. Owens Moore book, "The Science and the Myth of Melanin" he says "Through the elaborate world of electromagnetism, our skin and nervous system link our internal melanin to the cosmic melanin to allow us to tune in with cosmic nature.  The dark matter of the universe and the blackness of melanin are the material planes that connect our mind and body to the spiritual world."  We are of royal blood, and our Melanin testifies to it through creation.  
  • The Blood: The one-drop rule for black blood was crafted into law because our blood dominates all other bloodlines.  "Our blood is a sociological and legal principle for racial classifications asserting that any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan-African ancestry ("one drop" of African blood) is considered to be black.  This concept evolved over the course of the 19th century and became codified into law in the 20th century.  It was associated with the principle of "invisible blackness."
  • An Interesting Chinese Study: Jin Li, a Chinese Geneticist and leading proponent of the model of recent African origin of modern humans.  His research presented evidence that the gene pools in China originated from Africa.  His team analyzed the Y chromosomes of males around China and compared this group with those of Southeast Asians and Africans.  Results of the analysis suggested that Southeast Asia was the first destination of the migration from Africa to Asia which began approximately 60,000 years ago; from there, migrants moved into Southern China, then crossing the Yangtze River to Northern China. He could not find any evidence that is consistent with the hypothesis of independent origin in China in the 1998 study which used genetic markers called microsatellites to compare Chinese populations.  Now the burden of proof has been shifted to those who believe in independent origin. 
Men concealed the truth of our birthright, claimed it as their own and disempowered us. Disempowerment came from the singular Son of God concept which promotes a dependency on Man.  Our power is in the plural form, Son's of God or Children of God which promotes unity or being one with the Creator.  No mediator is needed for us; look at it this way; if Black people (melanin) were not in the world, God's Spirit would not be here.

The theft of our heritage was a wicked act of betrayal.  Men learned the power of virtuous discipline taught by the Son's of God and wanted to be them.  Not for virtuous reasons, but for their own empowerment.  However, without the blood, godhood was impossible for Men to achieve.  You see, Men could only be taught about the things of God or imitate what we actually experience.  The birthright allows us to be in tune spiritually or at one with Creation.  Can you imagine the hurt and anger Men must have felt upon understanding this truth about themselves?  Eventually those feelings turned into hate and that hate turned into aggression toward their teachers.  So they secretly plotted to take what was not theirs and conceal the evidence.  They accomplished this by using "Manpower;" warfare, separation, crucifixion, and disinformation.  This process of disempowerment turned all men against our black image, even our own people.


Part 2: Hatred of the Black Race, A Systematic Cover-up of Our Identity


Warfare requires planning and application of a military strategy to reach objectives and goals.  It also involves methods not requiring weapons, but inflicts damage to the opponent's society by affecting its motivation or its standard of living.  Alexander the Great by an act of aggression invaded Egypt in 333 B.C., he met no resistance from the Son's of God thus, he entered easily (imagine showing up for a war and there is no resistance). Professor James said: "He ransacked and looted our Royal Library and together with his companions carried off a booty (goods gained through looting) of scientific, philosophic, and sacred books. Egypt was then stolen and annexed as a portion of Alexander's empire; but the invasion included far more than mere territorial expansion; for it prepared the way and made it possible for the capture of the culture of the African continent." Alexander knowing he was not born with the birthright eventually went on to declare himself the son of god Amun Re, in order to win the respect and veneration of the Africans.
  • NOTE: Why didn't the Son's of God fight back?  The answer may be found in the African writings of Amen-em-ope: "Pause before an intruder (or enemy), And give way unto him that attacketh" or "Say not, Find me a strong chief, For a "Man" in thy city hath injured me; Say not, Find me a redeemer, For a "Man" who Hateth me hath injured me." In these words Amen-em-ope teaches to refrain from injuring an enemy." He understood the duty to one's fellow-creatures is of a higher order (laying down a life for another).  His thoughts and teachings about God, and his precepts on Men's behavior to one another was the same principles Men said Jesus demonstrated with his enemies before he was crucified (restraint).  This concept as you can see predates Jesus.
The Son's of God were like one people with one mind, and they were of one language and that language was the language of God not Men.  Together, nothing they planned to do was impossible for them.  So Alexander (lord of the land) and his companions scattered (to separate and move off quickly in different directions) the Africans over the face of earth, removing the Son's of God from the "GARDEN."  This disconnection from our land and one another was key to our demise.

Those who were enslaved or considered to be revolutionaries were made public examples of through crucifixion.  The practice of crucifixion was introduced by Alexander and designed for our ancestors.  It was the most disgraceful form of execution for the Son's of God.  The original purpose for a crucified victim was to keep their feet suspended to prevent them from touching holy ground (the same way hanging was used during slavery); one of many connections the Son's of God had with creation (feet on holy ground is a very powerful study).

Men removed us from the Garden by an act of war, took our artifacts and looted our sacred libraries, covered-up our heritage and made it their own, scattered us over the face of the earth, destroying the unity we had with creation and crucified us in public for all to see.  Our ancestors laid down their lives because their existence was of a higher order.  They would not stoop to such savagery and sacrifice their godhood and resurrection.   

After Men applied their military strategies for removing our ancestors from their own land, what did they do with the evidence from the invasion? They claimed it as their own.  How? They plagiarized the story of Man with disinformation, a deliberate act of spreading false and inaccurate data.  It is the art of deception, using false statements to convince someone of untruth.  It is designed to manipulate by either discrediting truth or by supporting false conclusions.  A common disinformation tactic is to mix some truth with a lie, or to reveal part of the truth while presenting the lie as the whole truth. Disinformation conceals facts and censors information.  When certain information cannot be completely destroyed, it will be rendered useless by adding disinformation effectively discrediting the opposition by association with many easily disproved false claims.  This type of deception could only be accomplished by those who use aggression to control. 

Man wants us to think that when you accept the one and only Son of God who is fair, you are born again into God's royal family.  Our Ancestors taught these ignorant societies all things and wrote about Men hoping that one day this message of the Son's of God will be revealed. The birthright is ours, we are the Royal Priesthood; the abomination was the mixing of blood lines, the rape of our people. Man and god's were not suppose to mix lineage, however royal blood will always be dominant.
We are hated because of our birthright, hate was built in the system by Men who introduced the one Son of God concept; designed to cover-up our heritage so we would never come into the truth about who we are. This system of hate has been here since the beginning of Man and it will continue to exist until we come into the knowledge of who we are.  Together we are strong scattered we are weak.  Men only have power to destroy the flesh not the birthright, we do not die, we resurrect.  The Son's of God will rise again; which will be the second coming! 

But don't take my word for it "DO THE RESEARCH."   Your comments are appreciated. 





The Truth Of The Matter

Substance is God and God is the matter of all living things. The Ancient North Africans knew of One God who was self-produced, self-existent, immortal, invisible, eternal, omniscient, almighty... This God was never represented. It is the functions and attributes of creation that were represented.

What is God? God is defined through attributes, qualities, powers and actions. What's perplexing about God is the entire absence of any prior subject-matter so the entire substance had to be created from nothing (unlike a table that is made out of oak wood, the oak tree already exist).  

To understand God is to know that God does not bring the substance of a thing into existence from a state of nonexistence; God is the substance of the thing; God is the nothing. What Replicated Intime will show is that God is all things, God is Creation, Creation births life, and Creation is what we call God.

Tehuti Research Foundation

World Events

News With A Twist

The first documented use of an organized courier service for the circulation of written documents was in Africa, where Pharaohs used couriers for the distribution of their decrees in the territory of their region (2400 BC).

Basic news publications today contain information and editorials on current events and news of general interest for the public. Replicated Intime will focus on issues of relevance that may impact our outlook on life. Our editorials will be written from an investigatory point of view to help connect the dots from the past to present and how it affects our future.


A Control System

Religion is designed to manage, command, direct or regulate the behavior of others; the art of mental slavery for the purpose of control. Religion separates; pits one country against another, church against church and man against man. Religion accuses, it blames, it charges, it indicts and points the finger. Religion is built on deception and is opposed to Creation.

Religion is intended to control humanity, to produce certain responses within a society or culture. There are two common components within this religious control system, open control and closed control.

  • OPEN CONTROL: our output, (what we say) is generated based on our input, (what we have been taught).
  • CLOSED CONTROL: our current output from (what we have been taught) is taken into consideration and corrections are made within the system based on the feedback we give the system.

The human body is a feedback system. Like a computer, we put out what is put in. The powers that control the system use the information we give, to make sure we are in compliance with what we have been taught. What we have been taught enslaves us to the system. Individuals or groups who think outside the system and gather knowledge that has been omitted from what’s been taught (by the system), will stop giving the desired response within the system and are labeled as problems. Once investigated, corrections are made by any sin necessary.

Everyone who worships this religious system worships man. These worshipers represent the very best system of governance that mankind can produce without the knowledge of God. When we worship man, we remain under the constant influence of those who control the worlds wealth; and we do it all in the name of God. What God is this?

Replicated Intime will explore and continue to define this religious system.

> The Way

The Way

How Do We Find It?

THE WAY: a course of travel or journey taken in life to accomplish goals and satisfy wants and needs to fulfill a void. 
Our journey takes us down different paths in life as we seek to find fulfillment. But, in order to find it we need ask ourselves these three questions: who are we? where do we come from? and why are we here?  To understand these questions, we must go back to our beginnings.

Replicated Intime will carry out an in-depth investigation of the oldest known civilization, the North Africans of Kemet, the birth place of all mankind and the "cradle" of civilizationTo accomplish this we must weed through the maze of deceptions. 

Historical facts have been altered for the purpose of control and supremacy. Unraveling these deceptions will open our eyes to who we are; eventually freeing us from mental bondage as we discover our purpose and bring balance back to an unbalanced civilization.